Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trapped amaryllis

We finished the room at the back of the house, but we did not build it. At some point a former owner, completely off-permit (welcome to the land of ag-exemptions) poured a new slab & built what has to be the squarest, most unporchly-porch ever. Did I mention it had a wood stove? In Florida? Well, it did.

Before that, the back door was probably much like those of the other two houses near here built more or less on the same plan: slider out the back, down a step & then the yard. At some point someone planted amaryllis next to one side of this back-step & maybe the other, but we will never know because of the concrete currently covering the old flower bed.

Still, every Spring a few bulbs squeeze up to the left of the former back door (not coincidentally also the outside wall of the former 'porch'). & they bloom like crazy in that corner, between the two walls of the house, the pool filtration system & the air compressor. It is a charming spot for big, blousy blooms.

The first Spring I dug them up & moved them to various places around the yard. They all did very well & the following Spring, there were just as many bulbs back in that corner. I dug them up & repeated. & repeated. & then I started giving them to W*****. She relandscaped one side of her tobacco barn/storage shed. & new bulbs are still emerging.

I stopped counting at 30 bulbs. That strikes me as an awful lot for the original 5 or 6 to reproduce in any given year. Now I have this recurring dream that there are amaryllis bulbs under our family/tv/great room crawling slowly to that corner where the sun can hit them, they can grow, be seen & get replanted. It is kind of creepy actually. I don't want to think about it anymore.

If anyone wants zombified amaryllis though just let me know.

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