Saturday, February 14, 2009

This is the time of year I doubt I am female

I genuinely, truthfully do not 'get' Valentine's Day. This is lucky because A actively resists VDay. He actively resists any directive from any authority. I try to be happy with the conventions he does accept & leave it at that.

He will often come home with flowers on the day, but he does not lose any points if he does not (I do not understand paying inflated prices because of what day it is either, also I have a whole FARM from which I could cut my own flowers, I pressed flowers&plants for years, I work in an herbarium, more doomed&dieing&dead blooms are not really a requirement for me). I will say though that one year V****** was having dinner here on VDay, I cannot recall why, not because of the holiday, I promise. Anyway, he did come home with flowers for her, which was nice.

& then the chocolate thing. I like chocolate. Chocolate is lovely & given the choice I would rather have french fries. Sweet potato fries. Curly fries. When I need a quick-pick-me-up: Checkers fries.

When we lived up north, going out for VDay always seemed to involve negotiating icy weather & bad restaurant service.I preferred to get the points for working late when everyone else wanted to leave early. Here the town has outgrown itself. Even a lousy place on a random Tuesday will have a 45 minute wait. Except in that cherished week between Christmas & New Years. Then you can go anywhere & when you get there, there will be parking. Classes started January 6th this year, giving us a bit longer than usual & it was marvelous.

& so this VDay will be spent much as previous VDays have been, as most of my days are. Uneventful, unmemorable, except in that I am happy in my marriage & have plenty of what I like to eat & things to do with my time.

Technically it is Saint Valentine's Day. Who was he? Who knows; feel free to Google yourself to death.


  1. I could not agree with you more although I think our more greedy sisters would like to lock us away. It is such a manufactured guilt day that has no real meaning except in the market place.

  2. for the record, this VD Andrew worked from home most of the day & I did laundry, some more leash training with the new puppy & other ordinary chores. For dinner, I made eggplant pizza. & it was a perfectly nice Saturday.