Monday, February 2, 2009

National Adopt An Animal Already In Rescue Day

That is what today is, at least according to one of the blogs I follow. & it is not the worst idea anyone ever had. The tricky bit is being realistic about what you can do & then following through. Maybe you cannot actually bring a horse into your family. Okay, scale down: smaller animal, smaller commitment.

How about expanding the spirit of the day, just a bit. If you cannot adopt from a shelter, help an animal not go to a shelter. The animal that comes immediately to my mind is a dog, probably 3-8 years old. This dog lives with an elderly person or couple. Every time you see this dog you notice it is overweight OR rambunctious OR yanking those little-old-people from one end of the block to the other. Introduce yourself. Offer to walk that dog one or two evenings a week. Say it is no problem, you could use the exercise (you know you could). Voila.

Today is also Ground Hog Day. If you look out your front door & cannot see someone whose life could be made much better by a little effort on your part, there WILL be six more weeks of winter. Maybe even more.

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