Friday, June 27, 2014

What does handmade mean to you...meaning me

Remember when this was going to be my Block Lotto year?  Yeah, me too.  I was so ready to make every single block.  I labeled a big ziplock (so you know I was serious) for all my future Block Lotto block parts.  I made January's blocks & sent them out into the world....& have not done a damn thing since.  OKay, that's a lie.  I have been keeping up with the monthly linky...linkies

& this month is "what does handmade mean to you?" & you know, I don't know.  Once upon a time I could have been sure I knew:  made with hands.  but the fact is I don't actually think of a hand knit sweater that I purchase as "handmade'  & I do think of a bread I make in my own bread machine as "handmade".  Sorta.  Now that I look at it in print that seems goofy. 

I guess "handmade"  to me means made by my hands.  Or your hands.  Hands I know or know of.  I realize that seems petty.  When we were in Hawaii, I bought V** a change purse with a purple turtle appliqued on it.  After the hibiscus the turtle was the most ubiquitous motif we saw.  It was made by hand & mass produced; somehow not "hand made" to me.

The ridiculous thing (one of them) is if I take something mas produced, like fabric & batting & thread & mix it up with something else mass produced like a pattern in a book put I through some mass produced tools like a rotary cutter & a sewing machine & insert my hands THATS makes it "handmade". 

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