Friday, January 9, 2009

Maybe baby not

Today is the 56th day CleoPatton has been sitting on those eggs. This morning I got a whiff of something 'not fresh' for the first time; last night there was no smell at all. We know he still had at least five intact eggs on Wednesday but have not been able to see anything since.

Unlike yesterday, today is warm (in the 70F range) & so he could get up for more than just a moment, but I admit that hanging out in W*****'s driveway (the only place with a clear view of the nest) for the day has limited appeal.

Still I think it is entirely possible there will be no babies at all. We hoped for, at most, a small percentage of hatchlings & I do not really mind none at all. Instead, we can have another easy season of hand-tamed prehistoric birds wandering the yard & not have to worry what happens if one of B***'s dogs, or worse one of our own, is mistaken for a baby-eater.

No news is good news & I am happy whichever way it goes. I think I should probably try to make this my whole approach to 2009.

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