Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shy camellia

You know how dogs look a lot like their people? Well plant-club members look a lot like their plants. The Rose Society are all a bit top heavy & ruddy; the Bonsai 's have a number of Iraq vets (part un & part deux), missing limbs, on oxygen etc. looking as tortured as their trees, I could go one for pages. When I was responsible for getting the meeting rooms ready for the plant societies, though one of my favorites was the camellias. They never asked for anything. I once forgot about them entirely & never put out chairs. They conducted their meeting leaning against the walls.

The camellias in my yard are just as perfect. I ignore them entirely, except when one of the chickens or dogs somehow get into their little fenced area & then I abuse them, chasing whatever it is out. They always reward me with lovely flowers this time of year. Today was no different. Welcome 2009.

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