Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Think globally, eat locally

Every few years, my mother will recommend a Barbara Kingsolver book to me. I never manage to finish them. They are just too much. Then I learned she (Barbara Kingsolver, not my mother) had made the list of 100 people who are ruining this country. Naturally, I found the first Kingsolver book I could & read it. I have since wondered if Goldberg's publisher steered authors from their own catalog to this list. Kingsolver's publisher is Harper Perrenial; Goldberg's HarperCollins, but I digress.

I have been reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle & would recommend it. You can even take it out of the library (like I did) & not support this silly marketing loop. I rather get the feeling Kingsolver would not mind. I am tempted to try the eating locally thing (the local community college is actually offering a workshop on 'how to' called Locavore 101), but we all know I would lose interest in about a month & refuse to admit it until A was fed up with having the exact same vegetable for dinner for however long that took (he is more patient than you would think).

I have instead decided to grow something we can eat sometimes. This is harder than you think. Chickens get into everything. They completely molested my sunflowers last year & I know I am going to have sunflowers popping up in all the worst places come spring. Still, I have been cruising the seed catalogs (I do not have to buy the seeds locally, too, do I? Oh d*mn, that just occurred to me) & I have settled on the radiator charlie tomato, but I think I want a melon to go with it. Yes, I DO plan to serve them at the same meal.

Maybe I should think about that class. Oh & happy birthday Mom!

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