Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chicken ferry

I have not forgotten I have a blog or how to blog, but I am spending my days ferrying 23 baby birds from a rabbit hutch in the big henhouse to a chicken tractor in front of the emu yard. In the realm of "I have not posted lately because" this is probably an entirely new idea. I also have a 24th bird, like the 24th hour, surrounded in mystery bad luck, good intentions & special requirements.

In any case, I have not forgot I have just run out of time (or rather been unable to finish what posts I started). So instead I am posting this now with the promise of more soon.

I hope everyone had a happy solstice.


  1. Definitely first prize in the "Here's why I haven't been blogging" contest.

  2. I only have ten. Nine pullets and a cockerel. Moving them from coop to pen daily is simpler with:

    1. My American Poultry Hound and;
    2. Patience to wait until *just* after dark to move them in the pm. Once pile up to sleep they're easy to move!