Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Newt no more

Newt the foster dog has gone to his new, permanent home. It was earlier than we expected but as he got healthy he got dominant & a 20lb dominant terrier & a 65lb pitbull-mix with a high threshold for pain was not working. Poor A ended up at the ER & Newt needed to go into solitary.

The good news is (& it really is mostly good news) he was here long enough for something permanent to be arranged. He is now living with his dad's fiancee who loves him & has just wrapped the semester so she has time to deal with him. A month ago, she was too crazy-busy & he was not healthy enough for less than 24/7 supervision.

Would I do it again? Probably. But no terriers, I forgot how much they did not suit me. & no newly altered adult males; this is good life advice, too, frankly.

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  1. I've never fostered a dog, but I do have great appreciation for the work people do to give them a second chance.