Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Calendar quilt-quick opportunity

As many already know, I am part of a quilt block swap group on Facebook.  If you are on Facebook search "quilt block swap" & ours is the group you have to ask to join, mostly because people put their home address & other contact info. there to coordinate swaps but also because it make it easy to keep the group advertisement-free.  If you just ask, you will get accepted.

Last year we had a calendar quilt block swap, different people signed up for different months & then made twelve of their months blocks.  It was hilarious.  we had blocks celebrating Elvis Presley's birthday (January) & blocks celebrating more widely celebrated days like Valentines, July 4th & Hallowe'en.

This year, we have two months that are malingering: January & November, so I am opening the  sign-up to people who are not on Facbeook.  If you think you might want to participate, leave a message here with your e-mail address & I will get with you as soon as I can.  Or you could go to FaceBook & search the group & I would get to you much faster. 

The blocks themselves should be non-secular (no Christmas, no Chanukah, etc. because we have Christian & Jewish participants, not to mention at least on Jehovah's witness & an atheist) & should be for something stable to that month.  This past year we did have one swapper send blocks commemorating back to school in September not realizing that many many schools (almost every one here in Florida) start back in August. & yes I realize both Valentine's & Hallowe'en started as christian (as something else before christian, too but we don't call them that anymore), but they have become mainstream kind of like Juneteenth which used to be celebrated only in black churches in Texas, but is now mentioned in the local schools all around the country.

So that's the story.  If you would lie to join us, leave me a message.  If you are thinking of waiting until next year because you would rather have a shot at a different month, keep in mind if all the months don't get taken & I have to call quilting friends & beg, there won't be a calendar quilt next year. 

Besides think of all the wonderful things happening in January: baby new year, Martin Luther King Day, Holocaust Memorial Day, Robbie Burns Day, lots of birthdays including Carl Sagan, Richard Nixon, Rasputin, Benjamin Franklin, Mozart. 

Do I really need to go into November?  I will if I have to.

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