Monday, April 5, 2010

Let there be water

The worst of the cold is long gone, but I have been so distracted (by horse with EPM, by my own meshugas) that until this past weekend that I have done almost nothing of the many, many return-of-the-sun chores that need to be done on 2+ acres of Florida pastureland.

I have not pile busted.  This is when I take an arrangements of chains & boards & drag it behind the truck all around the pasture to break up the horse piles before they bake like cakes in the sun.  Ideally this should be done well after or right before a good rain so I don't also churn up the grass as well.  On the other hand, I have removed one bag of, well, one bag full for the G*******s garden.  I could easily supply 15-20 more family gardens.

I have not thinned the amaryllis.  Back in the days before we lived here, before the backroom was added to what was then a quaint block house, someone planted amaryllis at the back door. My guess is they were tipped out of a left over easter basket because these are not the kind of amaryllis any normal person would plant, if normal people were planting amaryllis.  Sometime later the slab for the backroom was poured, creating a corner roughly two feet to the north of where the backdoor had been.  Every spring a few bulbs seem to creep out from under the slab & push themselves up to the sun & we have the most flamboyant amaryllis Publix has to offer blooming in a space between two walls of the house & the air compressor.  For those of you suggesting I thin the amaryllis after they bloom well, then they are hard to find.  Also, they don't exactly have handles & I need something to pull them out from under the slab.  Yes, they are really truly under the slab.

I have not mowed the back yard.  Immediately out the back doors there is a small pool (I mean spa-without-the-jets small) in a fenced yard that the dogs are slowly turning into a potential site for the filming of Capricorn One: Part Two.  This yard need to be mowed, cleared of dog deposits, weeded, cleared of dog deposits & generally cleared of dog deposits.  Ideally the clearing of the dog deposits happens before they dry out to be chucked up by the mower blades.  This is not an ideal year.

On Saturday, I did get the yard in front of the house mowed.  A threaten to do it (he knows it can aggravate my allergies something horrible & is a good sport about trying to do what he can in the time he has), but I figured I could manage.  & I mostly did, except for the buckets of sand underneath the broader leaved weeds that went into my eyes, my mouth, my hair.  I know rain would only amplify the problem making everything more, but I am still wishing it would.  Then I would have a good reason to wait.

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