Saturday, January 22, 2011

Block Lotto: stacked coins

I spent a goodly amount of last summer pressed up against the glass over at the Block Lotto.  I kept telling myself I didn't have time (& I didn't) & I had enough quilt block swapping (& I had) but then...but then....

But then last September they did liberated house blocks.  Right when we were doing Funky Town.  & so I asked to join.

Next thing you know, my time went to hell.  Even those who only know me from reading this blog can see I went from ten-ish posts per month to two, maybe three.  I did nothing except claw my way from one day to the next & there really was no extra time for extra block swaps.  As a result I missed out on funky stars & funky trees

I am feeling much more myself (& for anyone who gets spread too thin over everyday unhappiness I strongly recommend a good medicinal dose of O'ahu) & once I got my own quilt block swap responsibilities caught up, I flipped to the Block Lotto & found January, a very colorful twist on Stacking Coins (or Chinese Coins  or whatever you want to call them).  Their directions are clear as day here along with a teaser for February about strings, specifically Sort & Save Your Strings.  So February looks to be a string fling!

I spent a happy day yesterday in my sewing room (which is almost certainly not falling into a sinkhole after all, but much more likely the clay underneath is shrinking because of the decade of drought & it is unlikely to drop more than three feet or so, isn't that good news?) going through colorful fabrics & making stacks of offset coins.  Very satisfying.  & yes, this one is in the hopper for a future Facebook Quilt Block Swap Group swap block. 

In the end I had several blocks all finished & photographed, but this one was my favorite.

Oh, another dead giveaway I was going to have to jump into the Block Lotto: I kept catching myself sing-saying Block Lotto over & over again in Rock Lobster voices.  I dare you to resist.


  1. I love the B52s, so you know I am sign-saying along with you ;-)

    It makes me smile that you may be swapping this block--be sure to send me a link when it happens.

  2. as a wonky tree winner, I can attest that you missed out on a very good month! welcome to the lotto...