Friday, January 28, 2011

Salty goodness

First let me clarify, I started writing this way before the government banned bath salts on the off chance someone might snort them & get high.  or not get high.  & may I say Thank G*D we are all protected from bath salt abusers, but I for one won't feel safe until I can legally bring my gun to school.  Yes, I am still harping on that one.

Starting again with the way I meant to start:  over the past couple week-ends I have been taking a soap making class, mostly as a refresher because I have made soap, but not for a few uhm years & wanted to see it one more time in person.

The good news is, the new ban doesn't matter one iota if what you really want is to take a bath with bath salts.  You can make them yourself & it is not nearly the headache (literally headache if you hang your head over the lye-water mix) of making your own soap.  Making bath salts is easy & safe, you can do it with younger children even.  The kids just need to be old enough to keep their hands out of their eyes & nose; mommies out there will have to make that call themselves what age that might be.

You can google your brains out looking for recipes, or you can go straight here.  Or you can go to your local public library & look under Dewey Decimal number 668, 668.12, 668.124 or even 668.5. There are so many recipes & they are so hard to mess up, I am not even going to bother putting one here.  I offer only the variation that you can put everything together in a bowl, mix it best as you can & then seal it in a larger container & put it away.  Whenever you open that particular cupboard or closet or drawer, give it a shake, turn it upside down & walk away.  Everything will get & stay plenty blended.

& finally, in the interest of full disclosure, I did not make, or at least not alone, any of the salts in the picture.  They are mine, I didn't steal them or anything, but they were made en masse in the workshop & so added to them was the one ingredient I never ever use:  color.  I like color, I'm just not that committed to matchy-matchy toiletries.  On the other hand, my salts are in an old milk jug & are just plain old salt colored; they don't look like anything at all in a photograph. 

As for how they worked, you will have to ask M******.  I mentioned I had scented bath slats to unload & she volunteered.  Now that  look at the picture I can see there are doggy nose prints all around them.  Did I mention they are highly fragranced as well?  Also not really my thing.

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