Saturday, January 29, 2011

In which everything old is new again

I thought I was done posting for the month & then....& then:

the fruit bats at Dove World are trying to make headlines again.  All that publicity last year & they still did not unload the merchandise they hoped to.   I remember reading about cow being tried for witchcraft in 18th century France.  Dove World would love to put something living in the mix & burn it alive, I am sure, but the local constabulary are all out of patience with Jones et al.  Thankfully the inter-webs gives us full & free access to their whole agenda.  The only thing that cheers me about this is the typo in the title of their own event.

bring your guns to school day is working its way to reality, if unofficially.  A week ago I listed three gun related good times already on the record here in Fladidah schools.  Since then we have had a pre-school.  The short version is the five year old found the gun in his step-fathers vehicle.  He made this claim after it fell out of his pocket during music class.  These are hardly the only armed incidents so far this year, they are just the only ones involving schools.  For those of you keeping score, we are averaging one a week.

In other local news this week:  a man died last night when he drove into (& killed) three horses in the dark; the horses had broken loose from their paddock & were not visible on the unlit state road.  Two different babies in two different towns are dead because two different adults rolled over & suffocated them while sleeping.  A drunk driver was arrested before he did any damage on the road when the people working the drive thru at the Taco Bell he was patronizing called the police & then discovered a child asleep on the back seat .  There is good news to (I suppose the Taco Bell story was good news, kinda):  a local rapist was identified via his FaceBook photos & has been arrested.  A pilot landed a small plane safely after deploying the parachute in his plane, for his plane.  The family of the officer shot & killed in the line of duty earlier this week expect to be keeping his K-9 partner.  I guess the good news is a little thin.

So I went out the back gate, into the fog & watched the sunrise over the horse gate between our back pasture & W*****'s.  Then I took this picture.

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