Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mystery, what?

I am a huge Huge HUGE fan of the Modern Scholar Lecture Series.  Our library gets them on the little digital playaways & I do not leave home without them, well not by plane anyhow.  Just last night I finished the most recent (to me):  Detective Fiction.  & I think it just might be my most favorite of all.

As for the playaways...  It is no secret to anyone who has spent anytime with me recently that I am not sleeping.  I think my sleep patterns were disrupted for much longer than I realized while Farley-boy was waking me to let him out.  I am one of those lucky people who can get out of bed, walk through a cold, cluttered house more or less without light, more or less without hurting myself, stand in a open door waiting for an old dog to finish his business, get back into bed & immediately sleep.  A once suggested this was sleepwalking, but I promise it isn't;  I AM awake.  If I have to, or if I am startled, I can be truly fully awake. Or I can just glide thru whatever routine I am in & then slide back into sleep.  While Farley-boy was still self-mobile, I might get up two or more times a night; it is hard for me to be sure really.  Now that there is no Farley-boy at all, I find myself reaching to the floor (he slept next to my side of the bed) & when I cannot find him I am am instantly, completely awake.  The other thing I catch myself doing is waking up to realize I am standing at the back door, resting my head against the glass waiting for....waiting for a dog who is never going to come back in again.  I mostly find myself this way on cold night, so I think I might do it most nights, but only wake up when it gets cold enough to rattle me.

This is where the playaways come in.  I keep one on the bedside table & I can "read" myself back to sleep without turning on the light & waking A, who really does need his sleep what with his having a day-job & all.

This is only the third or so bout of insomnia I have ever experienced.  Yes, of course I have not-so-easy to sleep times in my life, but whatever it is that causes them (deadline, bad clams, etc.) the whole thing ends just on the other side.  Only once have I asked for a scrip for sleeping pills & was given what I late learned was a dose that could be doubled with no ill effects; no matter it did what it was supposed to do.  I almost regret not refilling it, altho those pills would probably be dust by now if I had.  So playaways it is.

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