Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still kutting korners

We are coming out of the back stretch & heading into the home stretch in the first Facebook block swap of 2011 & I am so happy it is so far going swimmingly & believe me when I say I really needed that.  The block is about as easy as it gets, which might be why first-time swappers outnumber the not-first-timers since, well, the first swap.

Blocks are due in-house February 26 (they are always due the last Saturday of an even numbered month, hence the last Saturday in February), so postmarked-by February 22 should get here on time.  I used to say swap on Sunday, mail on Monday but I think I am going to nudge that to swap on Sunday/Monday, mail on Wednesday because my own schedule has changed & our local post office has cut their window hours.

The block, as a reminder, looks something like this:

If you would like more information about this swap you can leave a message here OR (better) on FaceBook search "quilt block swap" & ask to join, where you are welcome to lurk until you are ready to jump in.

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