Monday, February 21, 2011

Seeing red

Once my block lotto blocks were posted, I went cherching the next month's assignment & it was Oh Dear all in red.  There is no good way to put this:  I am not a big fan of red.  Whenever I have a red white & blue assignment I somehow squeak by with blue & white & the littlest bit of red around the edges.

This is not a new aversion; it has nothing to do with Sarah Palin or even Nancy Reagan before her.  I just do not much care for red. Way back, before there was a Useless Ranch blog, way back in ?2006?, Fons & Porters published a Bingo Block that required five different red fabrics in any of several categories.  Most people went to their scrap bags (they only needed 2.5" squares);  I had to buy four fat quarters.  I owned one novelty fabric that could be fussy cut to mostly red in such a small square & nothing else.  No red.

Since that time I tried to expand my world to include red, but it did not take.  I own some red fabric & I never seem to cut into it.  I pushed myself to deal with red in one of our FB swap blocks this year (another 2.5"square commitment) & I am dragging my feet making more than I needed for the instruction-pictures.  Starting with that small red block (it's a log cabin so you know, red in the center) is a hurdle I cannot seem to get over.

Rereading what I have just typed, I recognize I sound like a crazy person.  I am thinking an all-red block would probably be good for me because this aversion is...uhmmmm...extreme.  Emotionally unwell extreme.  So of course I will make at least one.  After all, if I cannot bear even the remote chance of winning, I can always donate it.

// this particular lotto was inspired by the upcoming exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum.  It is not often I am sorry I no longer leave in that NYC-Boston corridor, but this is one I would have liked to see despite the color.  & my sneak-peak arrived earlier today & I kinda like it, red & all.

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