Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Massachusetts star for June 2011

The April swap blocks are already in the mail back to the swappers; some have already arrived in their new homes.  Sooo, I am a bit late posting the nudge for the June swap block:  the Massachusetts Star.

Mostly I am late because of the changes to the way Facebook handles Groups.  The short version is all Groups are either moving to the new format or being archived.  For reasons I am not clear on (& because Facebook is free, they don't exactly have people standing by to answer questions), our active group was flagged for archival becasue it was not active enough .  After trying unsuccessfully to find out how to get the "upgrade" option for our group, I began the process of creating a new QBS group using the new group tools.  Naturally, once I was almost done our group was changed from to-be-archive to upgradeable.  Oh well, you get what you pay for, right?  Mostly it looks like a good change, certainly more flexible but time will tell.

Which brings us to now.  We are at the third of the first three block swaps for the first half of 2011.  The blocks are due in-house the last Saturday in June.  The directions are in a previous post on this blog as well as other places on-line.

You will need two fabrics for each star.  One fabric should read-as-solid & be either blue OR white OR black.  The other can be red, white or blue OR red, white & blue OR any combination of red &/or white &/or blue.

In addition to the five blocks you send & get five different blocks back, you have the option of sending a 6th block.  Every swap a different person is chosen, sometimes people contact me, sometimes I contact them.  The 6th blocks are gathered together & go to back to that swapper for a quilt for her organization of choice.  For June the blocks are going to the same person who made last years Quilt of Valor quilt.  She is not the first person to make more than one 6th block; all I ask is that the previous 6th block quilt be completed (quilted bound) & a picture posted in the group so everyone can see how their blocks ended up. 

If you would like to join the swap, search in Facebook for the group "Quilt Block Swap- every other month" & ask to join.  If you would like to be part of the Quilt of Valor quilt send an extra block (or two or three) with your five swap blocks.

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  1. i'm looking foward to these star blocks as a QOV. it should be absolutely beautiful!!