Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The price of milk

We have a new cow.  I know I have hardly talked/blogged/whatever about anything else since she arrived.  I have milkmaid's wrist, milkmaid's forearm & milkmaid's grip.  What tennis is to the elbow, running is to shins, etc. you do the rest.

& mostly it is good.  You cannot imagine how good that milk smells when it hits the pail.  I want to drink it, warm on a warm day, it is so sweet-(& I only ever drink milk, cold milk when I have a stomach ache or cookies...or both).  I have gotten to the point in the process where I am not so exhausted when it is over that I can reflect on how not-exhausted I am, which is its own kind of high.  No really.  Apparently I have not yet gotten to the point where complete sentences out number the other kind, though.  Oh well.

What I do have is just enough energy to kick back & watch one of my favorite movies.  Since I am having trouble with continuity, it helps to watch a movie I have both seen before & is not quite continuous itself.  Which brings me to The Price of Milk.  I love this weird little film.  That it happens to be about a dairyman (& yet not about a dairyman) just helps.  Also, it is on Instant on Netflix, so go for it.

As a side bar, the next time I hear someone complain about how food prices are outlandish & can you believe what they want for a gallon of milk, I plan to show them my milking bruises & cuts, all for not more than a gallon a day.

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  1. I recently watched that quirly little film from New Zealand. I think I chose it because a QUILT is featured prominently ... although that "quilt" seemed to me to me more of a patchwork duvet cover ;-)

    Even if this weird little film isn't their cup of tea, I think all quilters would enjoy those opening credits, shown as embroidered squares on the quilt. I almost blogged about it myself a couple weeks ago and when I saw the title in your blog post, it made me smile.