Saturday, May 21, 2011

No, not the rapture

This morning, I took time out of my busy schedule to observe one of my own high holy days.  Not the rapture (like that needed saying).  & no, it is not the library book sale; those are April & October.  Today was the annual Master Gardeners Plant Sale.

I look forward to this sale all year; well for months anyhow.  I start making lists of things to try & find at the sale.  In the past I have hunted lilies of the valley, any white flowering flower, something that will survive deep shade, lemon tree, plum tree, any kind of flowering fruit tree.  This year I went looking for the fruit trees, especially lemon & plum, lavender & catnip.  Last year I got the worlds most gynormous catnip plant for W***** & now I want one for my own cats.

I came home with a catnip plant & nothing else I went for.  There were flowering fruit trees, but nothing that really whet my appetite.  The lavenders sold out before I got there, less than an hour after the sale started (curse you people who can leave home before milking the cow).  Instead I got  lime basil plant, a lemon balm & two cannas.  The taste for cannas was slow in coming to me, but now whenever I see one that even suggests it might be a color I do not already have, I must purchase it.

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