Monday, August 1, 2011

Goodbye old kitchen

The kitchen in my house is mostly original; the house was built in 1977.  The cabinets, the soffits (& the wallpaper!) are certainly original.  The dishwasher was new in '99, all the other appliances are older than that, but probably not pushing 50 (maybe 35).

This means that around the same time someone first walked into my kitchen, the Sex Pistols had just released their first album with one of my favorite songs, actually, while Fleetwood Mac released their most important album & another song I really do like; Jimmy Carter took office & pardoned draft dodgers; Anwar Sadat went to Israel & started talking peace with Menachem Begin; at the movies Tony Monero danced his way into the night, while in a galaxy far, far away... well you all know what happened there; & finally back here on earth Fonzie jumped the shark.  In short, this kitchen has been overdue for a while.  Half the people who eat (& cook) here on a regular basis were not born when this kitchen was installed & they can all vote & purchase alcohol, legally even; some of them have children of their own & some of those kids are in school.  OKay, pre-school.

So it is goodbye old kitchen.  Goodbye fan/peacock/whatever that pattern is supposed to be wall paper.  Goodbye wagon wheel detailing, you were handy for sorting the dry cleaning.  Goodbye refrigerator whose door never did open all the way because of that weird pantry shelf.  & goodbye weird pantry shelf; I'm still not sure what you were supposed to be anyway.  Goodbye breakfast bar, you were maybe a good idea but never really worked for us.  & goodbye to your buddy, the over-head cabinets with doors on both sides of the bar, it was fun pushing things all the way thru & out the other side; that's when we stopped stocking up on canned goods...

Goodbye, kitchen.  We'll always have that Thanksgiving I broke my leg walking out the front door.


Seriously, what is the deal on those wagon wheels?  Was this ever fashionable, even in 1977?

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  1. yippee!! i love making the ugly more beautiful and sensible. i'm planning my kitchen'll be a while before we can make the changes, but we're getting it all figured out in the meantime. the wallpaper has been painted over, so i don't have any idea what ugly 1982 ickiness lurks under it yet.