Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raining & pouring

The kitchen contents are packed, the kitchen is a giant hole in the middle of the house, I don't have time to be in my sewing room never mind the space to move in.  What more could I possibly want?  Oh right, unrelated internet problems CHECK, a recurrence of a thought-we-solved-that plumbing issue CHECK, a delay in the kitchen sink (because- get this- the company that makes them didn't know they made them & the company that placed the order placed the order wrong; I know right?) CHECK.  & then some good news:  I won the Block Lotto!  Again!

I loved this block from the moment I saw it.  I even loved the different sizes.  I envy the Block Lotto-er who was able to make the quilt using a variety of sizes so quickly (you just know her kitchen is not in boxes in her sewing room). 

I wanted this block (so greedy after winning last month as well) so bad that I promised the Block Lotto gods I will donate the rest of my chances for the rest of the year.  & I plan to.  But I never said how many I would make...  On the other hand if I am going to renegotiate with the universe AFTER I have gotten what I wanted maybe I deserve my kitchen sink to go AWOL.

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