Thursday, August 18, 2011

This week in cow

Dear M******,

I know I usually send a "this week in cow" update by e-mail.  Also it is usually about the week.  All I can think about right now is This Morning in Cow.  What a bad cow!  She knocked a board out (breaking it: bad bad cow) & made her way inot the main pasture.  After that, she chased the horses, donkey, goats around..

OKay, maybe she was not chasing them.  Maybe she just wanted to go where they were top speed.  Fortunately Ira, in all his goofiness was in his stall, & Becca-Pony as well, so everyone mostly just did laps around the barn.  I finally got her in the milk stand an hour late & got a WHOPPING 2 cups from her.

Once she was off the milk stand, I let her back into the big pasture (what the hell, right?) & she jumped, JUMPED the back fence (a top plank was down & I did not see, shame on me).  Once in the alley between our place & next door she trampled the old barbed wire barrier & spent a frolicking hour with at the neighbors (not the red neck who goes hunting drunk & never manages to shoot himself but the other on the other side which is a guy my brother would describe as Most Likely to Kill Buckwheat).

In the end I took down more boards, hauled her thru & put them back up.  It is pouring rain now & she is quite pissed to be out in the big pasture now that she has seen ALL the others are eating every morsel of grass from her pasture.  So, I am thinking of getting hay sometime later today. 

Not that any of this is anything you need to worry about, but I do have some actual info for you: I am almost out of jars (there was one big one left I thought I would use this morning).  Also I made 24 hour yogurt & put it in the fridge this afternoon & last of all I have some yogurt spread, also fermented extra long.  Are you still thinking of borrowing some books & bread forms?  Any interest in coming by Saturday afternoon (or later if you want to milk)?  The kitchen cabinets arrive Tuesday so I am packing the kitchen starting then. 

I know you want to test-drive the yogurt maker; I want to hang onto it until the last possible moment but then I will deliver with whatever starter I have left & I will write up the recipes (I have more than one, go me!).


PS:  this is the absolute best, most favorite granola recipe ever!  Thank you!  Apparently I do like apricots.

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