Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beige-quest twenty eleven

I know you are all just sick of hearing about my kitchen remodel.  I know this because I am almost, but not quite, sick of talking about it. 

We are at the stage of choosing paint for the kitchen dining room space.  This is easy because A pretty much only likes cream.  This is hard because there are A LOT of creams out there. We went thru this same rigamarole  when we painted the family room/tv room/sunroom/whatever you want to call that room at the back of the house.  Three times I had to go back for more paint cards; none of them were quite creamy-beige-white enough.  Since these rooms connect in  large open doorway I had thought we would just paint the kitchen&diningroom the same color but alas either they have discontinued that color or I wrote it down wrong.

& so this weekend is Beige Quest: The Next Generation.  Compounded of course by the reality that the room we are painting gets way-less light than the room AKA The Sunroom.  Or maybe not compounded, maybe the dramatic change in the light will smooth any weird transition in the doorway.  As for the rest of the space, it will pretty much be covered by cabinets & tile.  

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  1. This reminds me of a quest we had several years ago to find the exact spot in the color spectrum between pale blue and pale grey.