Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Late with the cut glass dish block

I am running late.  I mean really super-bad late.  I should have put the Cut Glass Dish Block info up weeks ago & I do mean WEEKS.  My excuse is I had no kitchen; even as I type this I still have not counters or table, so no surfaces.  Life without surfaces is challenging.  If I cannot hold it in my hand, whatever IT is, I cannot deal with it.  Multitasking is just not possible.

Ah well, it will get better.  Also barring a few small jobs (putting in lights!), work stops for the next ten days or so, which means I can at least go to the bathroom without someone (dog, contractor) looking for me.

Which brings me FINALLY to the October 2011 swap block.  It is one component of the Cut Glass Dish block.  We will be making (are making, have made, yes some have already arrived) the 4 square of 1/2-square triangles. 

The completed Cut Glass Dish block would take six of these, a perfect number for our swap as you send five blocks, get five back & if you keep one block for yourself that means each swap set has all the 4 square 1/2-square triangle blocks you would need.

You would also need three solid blocks (not solid fabric, necessarily, just not pieced) for each complete Cu Glass Dish block & yes, we are casual-swapping those.  Some people asked & I could not see a reason not to.  If you would like, you can send five (5) 6.5" squares of any fabric you used in any of your blocks.  Or something completely different so long as it meets the block requirements (either o novelty OR bright print OR reads-as-solid) & you will get five (5) back.  This will leave you with two more than you need but we are quilters; I am confident you can find something to do with any extra.

The directions for making the block we are swapping are detailed here, the size is 6.5" unfinished/6" finished, the blocks are DUE the last Saturday in October which means you should mail them first class within the US no later than the Friday before the Saturday before the due date.

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  1. I found your blog via the Block Lotto and was intrigued by the name "Doings at Useless Ranch", not to mention the description below it!
    "What would Freddy do" got me laughing and they sound like perfect books for my young grandchildren who are coming for Thanksgiving so I'm on Amazon to order them (2nd browser window). I will probably have to preview them when they arrive :) Thanks for blogging about them!