Wednesday, October 30, 2013

52 Photos Project: Celebration!

52 Photos Project this week is all about Celebration.  I got nothing.  I am not saying there is nothing in my life worth celebrating, there is plenty, just that the past few weeks have not been celebratory.  I could go to the archive but I like the photos to be current, or at least recent.  I think it helps keep me alert if I have to make these connections with right now.  As I reread that I can see how cracked it sounds, but I'm going to let it stand.

So.  Celebration.  Did I mention another rule is nothing staged.  I can go looking for a subject but I cannot make it.  Who makes these rules, right? 

Back to Celebration.  This is all I've got right now:

That's right I made it & more than a couple years ago.  Still apt. 


  1. I like it. The colors say happiness, too. Good response to the prompt. Actually, I like the connection to right now idea.

  2. Nice! I like to use the prompts as inspiration for new photos too, though I am not above staging one or rummaging one out of storage. And I like to think about what everyone else would do and then do something different.