Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stripping Christmas

There are few things I enjoy more than a quilt-y themed swap in which I am not driving the bus.  One of those things that I DO enjoy more is foundation free string quilts.  I have extolled on the virtues of string quilts here before.  In short, I love them.

It took a couple days to find the time.  Yes, I had PLENTY of Christmas fabric.  I sliced my strips & was stuffing envelopes then it was pointed out to me that one of my Christmas strips was actually a Chanukah strip.  So I ended up sending out a baker's 1/2 dozen. 

& I got all but one reciprocal set, seven of them before the deadline even.  I cannot help it, this irks me.  I know, I know life gets in the way.  but 20% of the participants are late & another 10% are never going to show.  I enjoy it when I don't have to be in charge of a swap & I enjoy it when the way our group's swaps are handled are reaffirmed.  I am snarky that way.  Oh & 10% of the strips that got here on time were the wrong width.  Which means that there was a problem with 40% of the swap sets.  Yea, I have no plans to do this again.  For a while, anyhow.

So now I have these strips & I am thinking it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  & this year I am really in the mood for it, despite all the bitching about swaps gone wrong.  & now I get to decide on a pattern.  Any thoughts?

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  1. Swapping can be bittersweet–I was just thinking the same when I pulled out the bear claw blocks and put them on my design wall. It was a Birthday Block swap that ran a whole calendar year and I should have ended up with 12 blocks, but only have 9 ... the downside, I suppose, to having a birthday later in the year. I made blocks for everyone, but everyone didn't reciprocate. Sigh ...

    When I looked at your strips, I saw log cabin blocks.