Wednesday, October 2, 2013

52 Photos Project: Color Of The Season - Gold

Over at 52 Photos Project this week's prompt is Color of the Season: Gold.  I don't doubt that gold IS the color of the season in many, many, many places but here in the American tropics while we have had gold for much of the year, it is gone more or less the entire fall season.

Earlier this year we had the young goldfinches who were hardly gold, but they will be when they get back here....right around mid-December.  & for a good chunk of the summer the Reve d'Or (golden chains) roses were blooming their fool heads off, even during the peak heat.  But the cooler weather has cut them back.

In short, it was a challenge to find something both gold & seasonal.  Yes, I could have taken a picture of a gold quilt or a gold cat or even a lovely gold spider....  But those things are gold year round. 

& then I found it.  Under the massive elephant ear leaves, the seasonal flowering of the caladium: