Sunday, September 29, 2013

Baby boomer

block lotto 2013 SEPTToday was the last full day you can get your September Block Lotto blocks posted in time for the drawing.  This month I made a whopping ONE block.  I tried to make two, I thought I would make four (I cut the heads for four) but in the end only one really passed muster.

The block had, for me, limited appeal.  I liked the look of it, but could not imagine what I would do with piles of this guy.  Lucky for me, there is no chance I might win.

The appealing part was thinking of ways to dress him...her.  Whomever.  Yes, I admit I never got to that part, but in my head I imagined cropped tops & knee high boots (a go-go boomer!).  Alas I ran afoul of the head.  It took three tries to get it right; I still don't know what I was doing wrong. 

After I made the first, I made the second & lined them up &...&....& their hands didn't meet.  For reasons I lost interest in discovering I had somehow made the first one slightly less than 1/4" too small, all around.  I would never have caught it if I hadn't made the next one exactly right (again, no idea how) & seen that somehow I had a bigger (better) boomer. 

My plan is to toss the baby boomer into the envelope with the other guy as a free gift with win.  Maybe it will make a good ?label? for the back.  There is no putting it in a row with right-sized ones though, the little off-ness is un-missable. 

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