Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First world problems

I have hinted at some health problems for Chewba, our German Shepherd.  Without going into too much detail, she had a dental.  While having her teeth cleaned since she was sedated anyhow, we did some joint X-rays.  The results were not good, but not entirely unexpected. 

What was unexpected as a lesion at the back of her throat, which turns out to be....something you almost never see in dogs but the operative word is auto-immune.

& lately she has been having the worst-ever, even for her, allergic response to the world around her.  To be even briefer:  her skin is inflamed all the time, even with a monster doses of Benadryl, which does little (I assume, maybe it would be way-way worse without it what do I know), but does make her drowsy enough to sleep through it & stop scratching herself, creating what I long suspected was a vicious cycle.

So, we have antibiotics, three pills twice a day for six pills a day for the next four weeks.  We have medicated wipes for her exposed skin more or less every time she goes out until she doesn't seem to be so rashy. 

& we have a new waterbed for the dog because she is so overheated all the time she is sleeping on the hard cold tile which she really should not do with her elbows & hips the way they are.  A waterbed she is not entirely sure she likes, although she is willing to lie down next to it.

Yes, we have first world problems. 

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  1. Beautiful dog and worth all your efforts I know.