Saturday, December 7, 2013

Orphan quilt blocks & the best intentions

Over at Block Lotto there is a monthly block for December (which I don't remember there being in previous years..?  Maybe I just need more coffee) & there is an extra leftovers lotto.  In brief, any block that has ever been lottoed pattern-wise, your choice fabric-wise.  In my case & I am guessing more than one or two other Block Lotto regulars, I often made doubles of blocks, but because they were in the exact same colorway (fabricway), they were not lotto eligible.  Here are three of them:

These plaid plaids were made for the April 2012 lotto.  I envisioned making myself a quilt top of these extras; I really liked the way they looked....I really did not enjoy making them.  I don't even know what I didn't like, but I found these in a bag with the directions & NO! handwritten across the top of the page.  Maybe I need to revisit them, just so I can be more specific.  Maybe not.

I added these to the lotto because I really wouldn't mind winning some random blocks.  I am on a fabric book kick à la Gwen Marston.  It is what I plan to do with those first Rainbow Connection blocks.  Not that I cannot make more of my own, but there I something so appealing about other people's duds.

Now I just need to pull out those bags of someday quilt tops & count out just how many extra blocks I have.  Because I know I have an easy dozen extras of the March 2011 block, in a variety of well, variations.

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