Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So this is blogging. I can do this. It helps, I suppose to start with what's normal. Normal is a lot, A LOT of animals that aren't pets exactly. To list them would be long & boring, so I'll get to them as I get to them. Mostly, I like to watch them wander around the place, but a certain part of each day is spent dealing with them -feeding, grooming, etc. or with the world around them -mowing, fence repair, etc.

And when I am not doing that, I am doing something else. Usually something that will amount to nothing. On the off-chance I actually produce something, I will almost certainly give it away. Mostly because the effort involved has turned me against whatever it is & I never want to see it again. At that moment.

Today's big plan: go to N*** Feed & get....feed. & maybe diet pepsi. Around 8pm I should have something dinner-ish assembled. Everything else is optional.

Somewhere in there, I should find time to update a blog, right?

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