Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Travel plans

I am in the process of arranging to go to CT the last week of December. Yes, I know it's July, but I need to do all the ordinary planning & cope with coverage for the animals (boarding, sitters-do you know how hard it is to find someone who will pet-sit a pair of emu?).

When I started thinking on these lines last month (yes, JUNE), I suggested to A that I go up a few days ahead of him. Classes end 12/10, but exams continue to 12/19. & then there is always some last-minute ass-hole trying to negotiate a better grade (I have so much respect for people who cut classes, don't hand in homework & then pitch temper tantrums because they are .5 from the grade they want & Prof won't cut them some slack). At the time A said he thought that sounded good. Now he is sure he would never agree to that.

There is no getting A to sit & make a decision about when he might be ready to go. He thinks more than 48 hours notice for anything at all is excessive. His whole family is just as bad. Last year, his mother was astonished that we had plans for a particular day that couldn't be changed less than four days before (the day was New Years). She was clearly frustrated that I wasn't prepared to alter my plans to squeeze in a visit from them & their houseguest. She also tried to grill me on what those plans were, to find gaps that might work. I don't know if the Inuit really do have 100's of words for 'snow', but I can tell you Romanians have no word for 'none of your beeswax'.

& so, here I am trying to purchase airline tickets , but I don't know what day or what airport or who he might want to see or how long we are staying or anything & the person who really will be inconvenienced by whatever wrong choice I make is much too absorbed with "more important things to dedicate any brain cycles to than something that won't happen for 6 months".

I wish I knew what he DID agree to, maybe I want that.

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