Sunday, July 13, 2008

A painting, a book

I have been reading Strapless by Deborah Davis, about the famous Madame portrait by John Singer Sargent & it referenced (as being painted just before) a painting belonging to the MFA Boston that I have always admired: The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit.

I was not surprised to learn that it is indeed a portrait of four different children, ages 4-14 who were the daughters (plural) of this family. What did surprise me was that nowhere in the blurb at MFA (as recorded on-line) or in the book Strapless did anyone mention what I thought was obvious: the pose is intended to show the child distancing herself as she ages. The youngest child is front & center. The next, off to the side. The next at the back facing forward & the eldest, next to the previous, but facing away.

I admit to having done no research on this. I guess I thought it was such a no-brainer that it ought to be in the little black typed card on the wall, next to the painting itself.

What has this to do with useless ranching? Nothing at all.

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