Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunflowers & chickens

It has rained almost every day for two weeks, and the sunflowers have finally all bent to the ground under the pressure. This put them in reach of the chickens just as seed-heads formed. I don't think there will be any sunflowers next year.

This is the aggravating thing about chickens. Anything within their reach will be tested, if not consumed. I have heard stories of each and every tomato on a plant being pecked...once. I do not believe this story, because chickens love tomatoes; chickens love all fruits&vegetables made up mostly of water. They would have denuded the tomato plants entirely, if they left any plant at all. But I do understand the point. A chicken will try anything once.

This is great in the horse yard. The six weeks or so they were shut in (to protect them from the TWO families of fox that moved into the field next door), the insect problem was unbearable. I have never seen so many flies! But now the chickens are out, tearing into those piles with zeal, squabbling over what they find. It's a whole new perspective on farm fresh eggs.

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