Saturday, March 23, 2013

Last call: April 2013 starburst super-nova swap block

I realize as last calls go, this one is a little bit early, but with the Post Office stopping first class delivery on Saturdays in another few months, I thought sooner was certainly better than later for getting into the swing of it.  Also, starting April 1, I am about to get crazy busy for a couple of weeks & by the time I re-emerge there will be no point to a last call with not enough time to do the work & send it off to be here for the swap on the last Saturday of April. 

As always we swap in sets of FIVE (5).  Any additional blocks will be set aside for the 6th block.  This means if you send NINE (9) blocks, you will get five back & four of them will go to the 6th block project.  You can include as many sets as you like, but please do not send more than TWO (2) sets that are exactly alike.  This block should be very easy to mix up actually, as there are only four pieces & one of them is 1/2 the block.

& now without (much) further ado: the block we are making I called starburst super-nova because of the "colors in conflict" theme.  In short you would need two fabrics, probably solid or read-as-solid but anything so long as the value is more-or-less constant throughout the pieces you use (just no crazy novelties please, the block itself is plenty jagged as is).  The contrast should be between the two fabrics, not within the fabrics themselves.

The block itself is slightly less than 25% of the traditional block known as Cross & Crown on Quilters Cache & a number of other things in other places (Goose Tracks, Signal, Tulip Wreath, etc.); I think of it as Brackman #1863a&b.  We are swapping the corner parts & leaving off the sash & stone that separates them.  In my case I will likely leave it off forever, as I like the way these look mashed up together.  I even like the way long rows of them look, flipped back & forth.

The complete directions (including the sash & stone) can be found on Quilters Cache.  I had trouble with the scant part of the scant 1/4" & when I followed those dimensions exactly my blocks was almost 1/4" undersized, so I remade them with slightly larger pieces & those direction are here.  The block should measure 5.5" unfinished/5" finished.  I found it was almost exactly that & just cleaning the dog ears was adequate to make it perfect-o.

These blocks are due the last Saturday in April, which in 2013 is Saturday, April 27th.  That means in-house, not postmarked by.  If you would like you can contact me with your e-mail & I can get you the mailing information BUT the easiest thing is probably just to ask to join the facebook group.   We always swap in sets of five (5), you send five (5) blocks & get five (5) back.   & lastly, if you came over here from the Weekend Update on Block Lotto, Welcome!

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  1. What a cool block and great color-way. This is going to make some great scrappy quilts!

    Thanks for linking to the Block Lotto Weekend Update.