Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sorry to interupt the irregularly scheduled blog

I have been getting messages that some people cannot view this blog or are getting errors when they try to look at specific entries or leave a comment.  Unfortunately, I was working with one of the original blogger layouts & part of the problem MIGHT be a general incompatibility with the newest blogger features, those that work with iPads & phones & so forth. 

I have upgraded & then stripped out the resource chewing features (I really don't need a stock background of hummingbirds, or custom color headers, etc.) & tried to keep the layout as close to what it was because I liked it.  Hopefully this will take care of some of the problems.  Maybe even all of them!  Wouldn't that be great?  Yea, I know that will never happen.

1 comment:

  1. Ever notice that when one problem is solved, two more crop up? Sort of like that broad with the snake hair.