Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The eleventh commandment

I have said before I usually have a few books going, on the bedside table, in the sewing room, etc.  A few weeks ago, I started Don't Know Much About Mythology by Kenneth C. Davis & (brace yourself, I'm about to be petty)  I mostly enjoyed it.  I got a little tired of the quiptastic tone (I know, the Sam Cooke title was more than a clue), but I understand it can be hard to keep that much material & there is A LOT of material, interesting while you build the background & then get down to comparing & contrasting & just plain reviewing.  I said I was being petty & I meant it.

Anyhow it was playing away while I reconciled bird traps & I was one or two discs from the finish line when suddenly I learned something!  I learned that Santoria, a religion about which I know very little except they share my fascination with saints, I learned that Santoria has ELEVEN commandments.  The Moses ten + one.  & according to Don't Know Much the eleventh commandment is a "prohibition against cannibalism".  Way to turn it up to eleven, Santoria!

I am about to do a complete about face on ten commandment displays at court houses.  I am usually against, as I think they send a divisive message- imagine being a christian seeking justice in a courtroom where there is a giant stone tribute to The Five Pillars of Islam; I think you might worry the law might be interpreted to favor a muslim.  Also, I have never been entirely sure why people think the ten commandments & court houses are such a great match, what with so many of the Moses ten not being laws, as in no one is going to jail for failing to keep the Sabbath, but they might go to jail for beating their kids which is by-the-way not a problem according to the ten commandments. What with the big ten insisting we should honor our parents, you could make an argument for the ten commandments condoning you beating your kids.

But this behind me now because if you will commit to including this eleventh commandment I will sign your petition.  For many reasons, not the least of which is it is likely to offend the person who wants the ten commandments displayed in the first place, but also because I think cannibalism is at the route of a lot of crimes.  No, no I don't mean Hannibal Lechter cannibalism, I mean the desire to consume our fellow man...& his goods.  & by consume I also mean subsume

& I think I will stop there, making subsume my word for the day.  & maybe go listen to some Sublime.  Just in time for Passover.  & Easter.  But just a skosh late for the Spring Equinox.  Funny how they all line up, though.

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