Friday, July 8, 2011

The national foods of July

Every month always has foods & usually they are all over the map: desserts & vegetables all mixed in.  Not so July.  I knew July was National Hotdog Month, mostly because several dachshund rescue-type groups link their fund raising to that whole weiner thing.  But there is more...

Ronald Reagan declared July National Ice Cream Month (alas National Jelly Bean Day was in April).  According to several sources, he did it to emphasize the nutritional value of ice cream.  Voodoo home economics if you ask me but whatever, ice cream is a fine food.  It gets better.  July is also Baked Bean Month & Pickle Month (although apparently May, June & August also have pickle days).

To round everything else out nicely, July is National Picnic Month.  Let me suggest you bring along some hotdogs, baked beans, pickles & ice cream.  National Potato Month is not until August but you might want to throw some french fries & potato salad in the mix.  & National Apple Pie Month was in May, but go ahead & put some of that in the basket, although I confess to being puzzled about that one, apples being out of season in almost all of the US in May.

Finally, July is National Park & Recreation Month.  This one also dates back to the Reagan years.  Let me suggest we all show our patriotism by picnicking in the park.

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  1. I'm not a big hot dog fan but there is something about July that brings on a craving for a hot dog.

    And I always seek out the juiciest, fattest ones in the case. They taste remarkable. But after the fourth one I'm good for another year.