Monday, July 4, 2011

What would Marie do?

Guess who died 1934?  I'll give you a hint:  she makes all tellers of Polish jokes look, well, you decide.

Marie Curie is the only PERSON to win two Nobel Prizes in different disciplines, so please Please PLEASE can we stop talking about her lady parts?  Not to compare myself to Marie Curie, but here I go:  A long time ago I was a fairly highly ranked person in an obscure professional field.  In the trade journal that publish lists of these things, my name was usually in the top five.  & every year, every efffing year said trade-journal even I only read when trapped on a plane would call me & ask what it was like to be the only woman on the list.  They never asked what it was like to be the only one without a military &/or law enforcement background OR what it was like to to be the only one without a well-documented drinking problem...  I think my point is made.  Year after year apparently the most interesting thing about me was almost the only thing over which I had no control ever & frankly, it got old.  The only other thing I consider I had no control over would be my height & now that I think about it, I probably was the shortest person on the list (it never occurred to me to wonder until this moment so it is hard to be certain).

What did Marie do?  She worked the work she loved, until it killed her.

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  1. I like Marie's advice on achieving greatness. The radium thing was good too.