Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Block Lotto progress

I have been meaning to jump back into Block Lotto for way-too-long now.  There have been some blocks that I really wanted to win, but alas like the lottery You Cannot Win If You Do Not Play.  So I didn't win. 

This month's Block Lotto block is a revisit on another that I that I actually DID participate in with some changes.  I think the size is different & I know the colorway is.  This time it is "low volume" a true challenge for a novelty-aholic like myself.  even when the colors aren't glaring, the contrast sure is.  The idea of sorting through my strings while I was in the throes of bird trapping just did not appeal BUT I knew a block I had made before was probably right up my alley (my brain, like my body is running at anywhere between 60-80% of my usual self these days). 

So in an unusual twist I decided to Follow The Directions, even the "this is just a suggestion" directions.  I know, right?  I cut larger than I need rectangles from the pile of muslin scraps I always have & when I came across a string that met the requirements I put it in place.  I even made two-at-a-time so as to have both sides of the heart when I was finished.

& while I did read the diretions, I did not remember if the direction said all hearts could have busy backgrounds.  So you know, the doxies seemed obvious. 

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