Monday, February 18, 2013

I just feel tired

This week-end, starting last Friday, has been chockfull of little things that fatigued me.  By this morning I was staring at the ceiling & I thought maybe a list would let me get this crap out of my brain & then I could move on.  Also, if maybe I am the one that is wrong someone could let me know.

  • went to pick up A's over-the-counter allergy pills at Walgreens.  Because of crystal meth mfg this has to be done at the pharmacy, which opens after he leaves for work & closes before he gets home.  Waited in-line while apparent shut-in had a good long chat with pharmacist, asking no questions about his meds.  I know this because I could not help but hear the whole conversation.  Finally my turn, but my purchase needs to be rung up on the special register that scans my drivers license.  I then wait again while that pharmacist ass't waits on the ENTIRE drive thru drop-off/pick-up before ringing up my order, which has been sitting on the counter, in front of him while I waited.

  • I get back in the truck, I am putting on my seatbelt, plugging the cell phone to charge etc & a guy starts to beep at me & gesture he wants my parking space.  The space on either side of me is empty as are more than 1/2 the spaces within my view (maybe even more than 3/4 of the spaces, I swear) & I am not parked all that close to the door.  Turns out I am near the redbox video rental thing, but I truly did not register that.  Also, as I mentioned, the space on either side of me is perfectly open BUT as I watch this guy park I see he needs 2 adjacent spaces, which there weren't, right there, in front of the red box, until I pulled out.

  • As I pull out, I can see the drive-thru line at McDonalds.  It wraps around the building.  There is a mini-van of people already eating something, waiting in this line.


  • I hate SatAM trips to the feed store but Becca gets a specific feed (because of her age, poor health, etc.).  They are supposed to get delivery on Thursday but didn't.  I could have started this list with Thursday:  pointless trip to the feed store.  On Saturday they have her feed....but they cannot sell it to me because they are holding it for someone else.  I cancel the rest of my order as if I have to drive to Ocala (45minutes to an hour away), I may as well get everything there.  They reluctantly agree to sell me 2 bags of feed, like they are doing me a big favor.  I do not reinstate the rest of my order, just 2 other bags of what I need ASAP.  This does not go over well.


  • I go to the library & drop off/pick up the week's books.  I also go into the stacks & locate 2 books I returned the previous week that got reshelved without being checked back in.  This happens a couple times a month, always when a particular librarian is working when I check in.  The other librarians have previously expressed irritation with having to redo her work; they check these books in but save these for her to reshelve.  There is quite a pile of books to be reshelved sitting on a cart with her name in it (really, there is a sign, with her name) & they add these. 

  • I go to CVS (they have this face cream that I really love (SPF 30 BUT it doesn't dry my skin out-this is like the holy grail of face cream & no one else carries it; on the flip side they are always 'out' of A's over-the-counter allergy pills so I have stopped asking; I get to go to 2 drug stores YAY).  I am ready to pull out, but I am stopped, at a stop sign (in the parking lot, yes).  A minivan makes a right turn off the road & stops as though he also has a stop sign; he does not.  His left turn signal is blinking indicating he wants to turn left, yes, but a left would mean a turn away from me.  In short, if he wanted to turn into the lane where I am stopped, he should have his right turn signal blinking.  He stays stopped.  Did I mention he has no stop sign?  Did you know that if I go & he hits me it is my fault & that this is a done thing, scamwise?  A friend of mine got T-boned (in slow motion, but still went to the ER) & for the privilege, she got to buy the guy a new front end.  Finally, the passenger side window rolls down & the passenger asks me if I am stupid as the driver has been waving me through.  I reply that I am lacking the super-power that would allow me to see through tinted windows.  Those are almost my exact words (OKay I said "hey genius, you have tinted windows, did you forget?").  The passenger actually looks kind of stunned; there is a brief conversation.  I get the impression that they often get pissed at people who do not respond to the waving & it had never occurred to them the tinted windows might be a factor.  I take this opportunity to point out their left turn signal is blinking.  They turn off the signal, roll up the window, drive straight around the building, back onto the road & away. 

  • I go to Tractor Supply (to get poultry food which I forgot to get Saturday so shot myself in the foot with that one, yes).  As I check out, I ask how long the roses will be on sale.  The cashier responds "I don't know, I work in the Chiefland store".  I ask if the roses there are on sale.  She doesn't know, she hasn't been there for a week BUT she does page a person named ?Bethanny?Beverly?  There are other employees around, I have seen them, but she summons this particular person.  Bethanny/Beverly comes to the register & first girl asks her if the roses in the Chiefland store are on sale.  It turns out she has not been in the Chiefland store all week either.  Both girls look at me & the first girl shrugs & says "sorry". 

Writing this didn't help much after all.  I am laughing yes, but I am afraid to leave the house.

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