Friday, February 8, 2013

Whatever I ever wanted to do

Over at Block Lotto they have a new feature: Weekend Update.  This week the update is themed (it isn't always) & the theme is/was I always wanted to try ______.   Well I have always wanted to try bird trap blocks, but if I do another bird trap post it just might bore even me. There are slews of quilt ideas in my notebook...on the kitchen counter, scribbled on scraps of paper & returned as bookmarks in my library books...  But seriously, I don't need to start one more quilt project.  My husband just might lose it & he is a very very patient man about that sort of thing taking over the house.  Well, not exactly patient, more oblivious but it plays out the same way, so I like to give him the credit.

There was no rule it had to be quilt-y (& a good thing too; I really don't need a new quilt project), so next I thought maybe I should make a list, maybe that would be good for me.  Things I want to try in the next week, like bite-sized resolutions.  I would like to try living in a clutter free house...but I don't actually want to declutter.  I don't even want to give up the clutter.  That one was doomed from the start.

I always wanted to try living with one more dachshund, but A really would have a stroke.  Also, I'm not sure I even want another dog.  Just now.

Al that is remotely new this week is I started faux jogging again after a month off cough-Cough-COUGHING.  But that's not something I always wanted to do, it is something I used to do.  Also I never wanted to do it, then or now. 

I guess I will be sitting this Weekend Update out, as it seems everything I ever want to do I pretty much do do.  & yes, I am very happy most of the time.

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  1. I always dream of a clutter free house but I would spend all my time looking for stuff I need.