Wednesday, November 27, 2013

52 Photos Project: Dessert

Have I told you about my diet?  I don't think I have, so settle in for a small talk about feast & famine.  I started when I visited my parents this summer & brought it home & now A is doing it as well....& doing much better than me.  I have gone down a size but he has lost 15 pounds.  Jerk.

Anyway.  The diet is, in a nutshell, 500 calories one day as much as I want the next.  Yes, there is more to it than that but I said this was the nutshell.  I am finding this do-able, long term.  There is almost no day that is so hungry that I cannot make it to the next day.  One of the unexpected side effects has been a greater appreciation for the food we DO eat.

Which brings us to the bananas.  I have posted about the bananas before, we had a bumper crop this year.  & we have been talking about bananas foster for....a while.  This past Sunday. A made pancakes & bananas foster for breakfast.  Because on not-500 calorie days, that's how we roll.

The dessert-for-breakfast was so delicious the only picture I took was when it was almost all done; the pancakes were made & A was working on the nuts & fruit & rum part.  Once it hit the plate, we started eating.

That foil thing is what was left of a stick of Crisco. 

So here is the 52 Photos Project for this week:  Dessert.....for breakfast. 

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  1. Dessert for breakfast is even better than cold pizza. LOL Love your diet, congratulations on it working! Looks like a wonderful dessert to me. Contrast fresh banana and crumpled foil - like it.