Thursday, November 21, 2013

52 Photos Project: My Work

Its a funny thing that this week at 52 Photos Project the phrase is My Work.  Because I have not been blogging because of my work, which has been kind of piling up.  The dogs need bathing, then the bathtub needs to be dusted (hey, before my mom's visit last weekend, no one had used that shower since....well...A*****.  Before that, the last person to use it was also A*****.  & before that, A*****), the books sorted & FotLed, & soon & on & on.

I am a good cook, & other things but housekeeper I am not.  I am not even a bad housekeeper, I am a non-existent housekeeper.

So there it is.  My work, which I haven't done but need to make a dent in because in a week we have people coming for Black Friday turkey leftovers dinner.  But I started with my favorite of the pending chores. 


  1. I love this photo of yours.... Your pup looks content to just sit and pose for you. As soon as the door is open, my two pups run wild through the house.

  2. What a love of a pup! My dog would have yanked the towel off his little head and be running around taunting me with it by the time I snapped a photo. I will be joining the 52 Photos project next week and I am checking it out this week.