Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The cat came back!

A bit ago I wrote that the neighbor's dogs had killed two of our cats BUT one of them came back!  Actually she had not exactly left.  I caught the dogs going at her & got them to drop her & she took off &, like the other, was not seen again.  Until several days later I heard a sound & smelled a smell & looked up to see her back-end swung off the edge of the roof while she peed (no, not on me, but close enough). 

Over the next few days, A went up there with water & canned cat food.  We aren't usually canned food people but given there is no water up there & we thought it would help.  Also it was very clear, even from the ground, that she had lost A LOT of weight.

We took a few days to let her get used to A.  I was reluctant to go up on the roof myself.  I am fine with heights but I can trip & fall over thin air never mind while chasing a cat across a steeped roof. He was rarely the one who handled her so we both worried she would not let him pick her up.  We shouldn't have worried; she was delighted to come down.

We have made a place for her in the garage & things have been better but she is not crazy about sharing space with the last of the kittens.  The boys are fine, but Lise really wants to snuggle up & clean her ears (that's right, girl cats like to play beauty shop).  Whatever, it still beats the roof.  Or dead. 

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