Wednesday, November 6, 2013

52 Photos Project: Round

Over at 52 Photos Project, this week is "Round" & so I bring you Beauty Berry.  They are native, seasonal & round.  The berries are round & they form these round clusters around the stem (this photo is actually of three clusters very close together, which makes them less round but the color is so wonderful!  I didn't do anything to that photo. that's what they look like in the middle of an ordinary day.

M****** told me her parents spend a good chunk of their outside time uprooting these plants because the berry-litter stains everything including concrete.  It probably does, but I don't care.  Every year I fling the berries all around the perimeter of our property, to attract the birds & repel the mosquitos.

So that's it:  ROUND. 


  1. I almost used a picture of some pretty purple beauty berry too. Yours is gorgeous.

  2. They are gorgeous! It's a wonderful picture. I don't think I'd spend any time uprooting them, either. I'd keep anything that repelled mosquitoes! If the birds like them, are they human edible? Maybe some sweet jelly?

  3. pretty berries. are they edible?