Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tis the season to fall behind

So last night while clearing. clearing, clearing in preparation for the double holiday, I discovered the OCT Block Lotto block I though I had long sent sitting in the bag with the rest of my Block Lotto ephemera.  Even better, I could not find the mailing list --which I know I got-- NO WHERE.  I like that sentence; I found it no where.  I had to get in touch with S***** & get her to resend it.

As a swap master I can tell you few things are more low-grade aggravating as people who lose stuff.  I know it seems petty but if you have a swap group of say 150 people & everyone loses something just once year, that's averages out to 10+ extra bits of admin. work every month.  It adds up.

To S*****'s credit, she got the info to me within minutes of my asking for it with nary a criticism.  The good news is it is finally on it's way.


  1. Unless it becomes a habit, it's not worth it to sweat the small stuff. Especially since we're entering that season where almost everyone is over-committed and at least a little distracted ;-)

    1. the good news is my holiday season wraps up in a week. & it won't become a habit, I pinkie-swear.