Saturday, February 8, 2014

52 Photos Project: Crooked Line

I prefer machine quilting to hand quilting (you would have to look pretty hard to find an example of my hand quilting, in part because I usually disguise it with machine quilting).  My preferred method of machine quilting is not exactly free-motion & not exactly not-free motion.  It has been called -not by me, at least not originally- yoni quilting, but I usually call it free motion with walking foot.

Lately I have been working in sharper angles & aiming for nice straight lines.  I guess practice will make close-to-perfect, but in the meantime I still have plenty of crooked lines

This is the back of a old block lotto block quilt (the front will be revealed later this week).  I have taken to using plain white muslin for quick-backs.  It is well-sized, wears well, etc.  The only drawback is it shows every single mistake, so I am learning to live with them. 

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