Wednesday, February 19, 2014

52 Photos Project: Mint

It is week 44 over at 52 Photos Project & I am almost a little bit ready for week 52.  I feel rotten saying this; I know more than most how hard it is to come up with ideas that are broad enough to interest a lot of different people & narrow enough to have some underlying link.  It ain't easy. 

I think my ho-hummed ness has way-more to do with me than anything else.  Before I ever joined, when I first looked through the galleries I was struck by how often (maybe MAYBE twice a year) the prompt was a color & I confess I was kind of meh on that, but again I now how hard it is to  think up something new every time, year in year out.  You can see how people start going all avant-garde-art-fart with themes like Stillness & Bifocal (& to her credit I don't think 52 Photos Project has ever gone this far afield...although I do kind of want to see "bifocal" now that I have mocked it).

Then this week the word was "mint".  An image popped immediately into my head.  It was personal.  It was timely.  It had absolutely nothing to do with the color green.  So now what?  Do I go on a quest to take a green picture?  I live in Fladidah, it is almost always green in some way.  What about green accessories?  I had an irish last name, still have a first name that coupled with it is a bit of an ethnic joke & I grew up in the NY-Boston corridor-that bastion of Irish-Americanism.  It was decades before I could let green creep into my wardrobe.  My kitchen cabinets ARE green, but many people think they are gray.  The tv room is earth tones, including some green but do I really want to post pictures of the doorjambs?

Don't get me wrong, I like green.  Love it even.  Avocado & celery & lime & olive......& celadon & emerald & jade & malachite...& even mint.  But the fact is the word "mint" did not bring any shade of green to my mind (which is in itself absurd my yard is one big mint-hole right now as that is all that can survive the winter & the dogs together). 

What it did bring to mind was a box of nearly mint condition knitting patterns dating back to WWII my mother sent.  I thought about doing a color wash but that seemed silly as this picture is naturally mostly black & white.

& now that I look, I can see that skirt IS mint green.  So it's all good.  

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  1. you are one funny person. i love how you write.

    i see that the skirt is mint green. :)